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安全光栅(Safety light curtain)也就是光电安全保护装置(也称安全保护器、冲床保护器、红外线安全保护装置等),一般来说安全光栅成对存在,分为发射端和接收端。
The Safety light curtain is a photoelectric safety protection device (also known as a safety protector, punch protector, infrared safety device, etc.), generally contains an transmitting terminal and a receiving terminal.

中文名 安全光栅、安全保护器、安全装置
外文名 Safety light curtains ,light sensor
用 途 保护人身安全
优 点 避免安全事故
最高安全等级 安全四级

Safety light curtains ,light sensor

简介 Brief


Light curtains are opto-electronic devices that are used to safeguard personnel in the vicinity of moving machinery with the potential to cause harm such as presses, winders and palletisers. Light curtains can be used as an alternative to mechanical barriers and other forms of traditional machine guarding. By reducing the need for physical guards and barriers, light curtains can increase the maintainability of the equipment they are guarding. The operability and efficiency of machinery can also be improved by the use of light curtains by, for example, allowing easier access for semi-automatic procedures.

描述 Description

安全光栅可归类为存在检测设备(presence detection device),其他常见的存在检测设备有对压力敏感的安全垫以及激光扫描器(常用在工业应用的远端控制车辆)。大部分工业安全继电器的主要应用都是用在有机器人的工作站中。

Light curtains fall into a category of equipment known as presence detection devices. Other common presence detection devices are pressure-sensitive safety mats and laser scanners (often used on Remotely Operated Vehicles (ROV) when in industrial settings). Most important applications of safety relays are in automation industries dealing with robotic cell setup.


Light curtains are supplied as a pair with a transmitter and receiver. The transmitter projects an array of parallel infrared light beams to the receiver which consists of a number of photoelectric cells. When an object breaks one or more of the beams a stop signal is sent to the guarded equipment machine.


The light beams emitted from the transmitter are sequenced, one after the other, and pulsed at a specific frequency. The receiver is designed to only accept the specific pulse and frequency from its dedicated transmitter. This enables the rejection of spurious infrared light and thus enhances their suitability as components within a safety system.


Typically, light curtains are connected to a safety relay which will remove motive power from the hazard in the event that an object is detected. Safety relays can be provided with muting functionality which enables the temporary disabling of the safety function to allow objects to pass through the light curtains without tripping the safety relay. This is particularly useful for machinery which has some semi-automatic procedures.

标准 Standards

The following partial list of standards should be used for guidance when implementing light curtains:

• ANSIB11.19
• IEC61496-1/-2
• IEC/TS 62046
• ISO13855 (EN 999)

应用 Application


In the modern factory, people work together with the machine, Therer’e potential dangers in some mechanical equipment, such as Press, shear equipment, metal cutting equipment, automated assembly line, automated welding line, mechanical transfer handling equipment, dangerous areas (toxic, High pressure, high temperature, etc.), which is likely to cause personal injury of the operator. Safety gratings are advanced technologies that protect the staff from a variety of hazardous machinery. With traditional security measures, such as mechanical fences, sliding doors, pull-off restrictions, safety gratings are more flexible, and can reduce the degree of fatigue of operator. The Safety light curtains simplify those routine tasks, such as installation, maintenance, and maintenance of the equipment, such as installation, maintenance, and maintenance of the equipment.

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