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  • Sourcing Engineer 采购工程师

Sourcing Engineer 采购工程师

Job title 职位名称: Sourcing Engineer 采购工程师 Job title of direct supervisor 汇报上司: Supply Chain Manager 经理(供应链经理) Main tasks 工作内容: • Work to perform the follo...

Job title 职位名称:

Sourcing Engineer 采购工程师

Job title of direct supervisor 汇报上司:

Supply Chain Manager 经理(供应链经理)

Main tasks 工作内容:

• Work to perform the following activities 执行以下活动:
• Suppliers sourcing for GAOSSI localization and new projects etc.为GAOSSI定位和新项目做供应商采购
• Supplier selection, evaluation & qualification activities (follow the supplier selection process to • select and qualify suppliers, supplier pre-assessment and/or audit)
• Suppliers RFQ, price negotiation for daily purchasing 日常采购的供应商价格谈判
• Suppliers yearly frame contract prepare and negotiate 供应商年度框架合同准备和谈判
• Qualified supplier management & performance tracking and improvement供应商日常管理,跟踪和改善
• Qualified supplier yearly evaluation 供应商年度评估
• Build up material strategic supplier claim management建立战略供应商索赔管理
• Support sales/project team to collect estimated cost for bidding 支持销售/项目团队收集投标估计成本
• Prepare vendor master data 准备供应商主数据
• Perform other duties as assigned by leader 执行领导指派的其他工作
• Travel is required 需要出差

Required education and training 学历专业:

• Bachelor of Electric, Electronic, Automatic Engineering is preferred. 电子/电气/自动化方面的专业,本科学历

Required work experience 必要的工作经验:

• Manufacturing in electric. Experience in sourcing engineer position is preferred 电子电气制造行业的采购经验优先
• Work in international trade company(especially foreign-funded) is preferred. 国际贸易公司(外资系)的从业经历优先
• min. years: 4 years 至少4年工作经验

Required additional skills 所需其他技能:

• Computer skill in MS office environment: Word, Excel, PowerPoint计算机办公软件系统
• Knowledge of CAD is highly desirable具有良好CAD专业知识
• Languages: fluent in Japanese; English is plus语言:日语商务,同时会英语优先

Certificate 证书:

• CET-6, N1, Junior/Senior accountant certificate, tax accountant certificate, Custom Declaration Certificate etc. is preferred. CET-6、N1、初/中级会计师证书、税务师证书、报关员证书等优先

Additional Information 附加信息

• Virtuous, creative is preferred. 性格好,具有创造性
• Honest, strong sense of responsibility, rigorous work style, careful and conscientious work;为人正直、责任心强、作风严谨、工作仔细认真;
• Have good discipline, teamwork and pioneering and innovative spirit.有良好的纪律性、团队合作以及开拓创新精神。


• Workplace: Jiujiang office and business trip. 工作场所:九江办公室及出差
• Work Environment: comfortable. 环境状况:舒适。
• Hazards: Basically no danger, No occupational disease danger. 危 险 性:基本无危险,无职业病危险

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